Soothing Leaf was created from a desire to solve my personal skin problems - I constantly suffered from extremely dry, itchy, peeling and cracked skin. Visits to the dermatologist and using lotions and creams would leave my skin moist for a short while followed by the familiar dry, painful cracking I regularly experienced. Doctors, prescriptions and typical over the counter lotions were not working for me. After trial and error and a whole ton of research, I began blending my own body products using only ingredients from nature. After creating my own products packed with all natural organic ingredients and no chemicals like the stuff that you buy over counter, I began to really see a change. My skin retains moisture better and looks and feels healthier. I am finally free of the cracking and itchy peeling I dealt with for so long. Since beginning this journey back in 2010, I have continued experimenting with blending the goodness of nature into healthy products that really work (without the junk). Soothing Leaf's collection of products are packed with healthy, organic, natural ingredients designed to help you attain your most beautiful self.